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6 Ways to Measure Your Silent Auction’s Fundraising Success

When your nonprofit hosts a silent auction fundraising event, most of the planning process is typically focused on logistical details and procuring auction items. After all, your supporters are more likely to attend a well-organized event that features prizes they’re excited to bid on! However, there are two other critical steps in planning a successful silent […]

3 Ways Your CRM Data Can Drive Nonprofit Decisions

For a nonprofit to truly impact the communities it serves, thoughtful decision-making must guide its fundraising efforts, programs, and other activities.  But to make these decisions, you must be equipped with more than just the authority of your leadership position. A collection of data about your nonprofit’s work can give you the context you need […]

How to Use Previous Auction Data to Inform Your Strategy

If you’ve held an auction before, you know the importance of data collection. From large nonprofit auction galas to online school auctions, data is the secret weapon for unlocking success. And, with new auction software that includes data reporting and visualization tools, your school can easily inform your auction strategy with past data. But, what type of data […]

How Donor Analytics Inform Nonprofit Financial Management

Your nonprofit likely collects many different types of data on its supporters. Between the donor profiles in your CRM, your online donation page, registration forms, feedback surveys, and marketing conversion data, there is a wealth of information available for your organization to use when making strategic decisions. However, all of this data contains untapped potential unless you […]

Donor Cultivation 101: How to Build Lasting Relationships

Your nonprofit works day in and day out to bring its mission to life. A big part of that is inspiring supporters to donate, attend events, and volunteer for your cause. Although, it doesn’t stop there. From there, you have to steward them and inspire them to stick around for the long term. As a […]

5 Digital Marketing Metrics All Nonprofits Should Track

Whether your nonprofit is putting tons of time and resources into digital marketing or just dipping your toes into more than email, one thing is for sure: you need a method of measuring your results so you know what’s working and what isn’t. For many nonprofits, it’s challenging to be strategic about digital marketing. With […]

Spring Cleaning: 4 Tips to Organize Your Nonprofit’s Data

Spring cleaning means out with the old and in with the new. Your nonprofit should take advantage of this time to move away from poor data hygiene practices and introduce new data procedures that keep your database healthy and useful.  Disorganized data isn’t just confusing to look at—it can also cost your organization time and […]

Improve Your Website with Web Analytics: 5 Important Metrics

Your nonprofit collects data all the time, from supporters’ communication preferences to their giving habits, demographics, and more. You probably use this information to enhance your fundraising and marketing campaigns to better appeal to supporters’ interests. Did you know you can also use data to help improve your website? Website data gathered from sources like […]